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Columbus Travel Media - Delivering quality bespoke and licensed content for over 30 years, for publications, websites and social media.

Destination Guides

Used and trusted by airlines, airports and major organisations the world over, our destination guides cover all countries and a large array of cities, airports and resorts. Thoroughly researched and edited, our guides provide the knowledge and essential information any traveller will need.

Destination Videos

Superb at providing an additional level of engagement to any website looking to offer their visitors a deeper, more visual insight into the experiences offered by a particular destination. Our destination videos and clips are also available for inclusion into your own video experience.

Creative Bespoke Content

Essential to creating engagement through websites and social media channels, our creative bespoke content service is critical in not only attracting and engaging your target audience, but also in developing and maintaining search engine visibility.

Audience & Engagement

Having a great website and social media channel is a de-facto requirement for any business, but it doesn't guarantee an audience. Our digital marketing team can assist in developing your audience through search and social and in creating engagement around the content we provide.

Advertising & Sponsorship

The World Travel Guide has a balanced male / female audience producing around 2 million impressions each month, comprised of those seeking holiday planning ideas, destination information and just for interest. We offer a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Editorial Features

Ranging from insightful stories and experiences from around the world, to competitions, our editorial features aim to push the boundaries beyond the more typical travel stories and news found elsewhere. We like to dig into destinations a little deeper and from different perspectives.


WTG Editorial Piece

Public celebrations have always been a central part of everyday life in Mexico, acting as a way for communities to express themselves socially and artistically.

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WTG Editorial Piece

Blessed with ancient woodlands, rolling meadows, mystical moorlands and a rugged coastline, England’s stunning and varied landscape offers excellent walking opportunities.

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WTG Editorial Piece

Some of England’s oldest churches are now offering overnight stays. Our scribe, Arielle Witter, gives us the lowdown on “champing”.

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Bespoke Example

Commissioned by Manchester Airport group, we created content for their travel ideas section. In this example we show the work we did for a section on Mexico, including key sights, cities and beaches. 

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