Audience Insights

Reaching your global audience

World Travel Guide has a large global following, with over 1 million users coming to the site each month. The following chart shows the breakdown of traffic by continent. Advertising can be geo-targeted to ensure your campaign reaches your preferred audience.

Audience Geographic Reach

Where do our visitor come from?

Global Audience Capture

The World Travel Guide’s audience is truly global, with 50% of its traffic coming from the US and the UK, the remainder spread extensively across all seven continents. Our travel information attracts readers, travellers planning trips and looking for the latest recommendations and travel advisories.   

Our Visitors Interests

Who are the people who visit the World Travel guide

Why do people visit World Travel Guide?

  1. Destination guide information
  2. First stages of planning
  3. Holiday inspiration

World Travel Guide user profile

Our readership is fairly well balanced but slightly favours women, who most often make the final arrangements when planning travel.

World Travel Guide user profile:

  • 53% female;
  • 80% aged between 25-54 (38% aged 25-34);
  • 33% of our users like taking holidays to unusual or less well-known destinations;
  • 44% of our users like to learn or try new things on holiday;
  • 41% of our users believe holidays are for learning about another culture.