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Destination guides for the World’s most popular destinations

Columbus Travel Media guides are widely regarded as the most complete and in-depth resource available, with over 22 different sections to each city guide and 18 sections per country guide. Our English content currently covers every country in the world as well as 210 cities, 394 airport guides, 262 beach resorts and 112 ski guides. Columbus Travel Media guides in other languages are also available to license, including destination content in German, Spanish and French.

Content tailored to your needs

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Our content is completely versatile. You can choose whichever combination of content that suits your needs. For example, if your site focuses on travel to Paris you might need the Paris city guide in its entirety, together with the overview of the French country guide. However, if your business offers only currency exchange or duty-free, you may just require the ‘money’ or ‘duty-free’ information.

Flexible content delivery

Our guides are updated constantly by our in-house team and our destination-based expert travel writers. You receive your updates on a schedule to suit you. The most popular choice is on a quarterly basis. Automatically get updates via our API feed (API documentation) in order for you to refresh your site with the latest information. If you need it, we can also offer a hosted solution for you, where we work with you to seamlessly integrate our content on to your site.

Added extras

Along with our portfolio of guides, we are also able to offer you a number of additional products that can be matched to your destinations, including:

  • High-resolution images of thousands of global locations;
  • Top-quality videos to over 50 destinations worldwide;
  • Global weather feed, through our third-party provider;
  • High-quality airport maps.

Cost may vary based on volume requirements.