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Travel and leisure content online is a wildly competitive environment. This isn’t helped by the complexities of getting your brand noticed online, or in just attracting and retaining the right audience. Simply having an online presence and great content, isn’t enough.

Whether you are a large brand or a small travel operator, you are faced with several issues:

  • Getting your brand noticed and regularly in front of the people who matter to you.
  • Getting them to stay long enough to take the actions you’d like them too
  • Convincing them to take action and ideally, becoming more engaged with your brand long term.
  • Getting your visitors to tell other people about your brand experience.

As any self respecting digital marketing company will tell you; the experience you create for your audience is dependent upon the content you have on your website – whether that is descriptions of your services or blogging about everything related to what you do and what your audience needs.

This used to be the key to search engine fame. But, that’s the advice given to everyone and so everybody is doing that and now it just leads to search engine mediocrity. So how do you stand out from your competition these days?

It’s not what you have, it’s what you do with it

That’s assuming of course that what you have is pretty excellent to begin with, because it really needs to be if you are to stand any chance of getting noticed and ranking well in search engines.

At the heart of that statement is understanding the intention behind why somebody is looking for a product or service you may offer. Let’s call that ‘intent’ – it’s a good reference, because that’s how Google refers to it too!.

Way too often, websites, blogs and social media, reflect an ‘it’s all about us’ attitude, instead of ‘it’s all about you, the customer’.

The simple fact is that when you create a customer centric experience with your leisure or travel content, they become more engaged which will likely achieve the objectives in points one to four above.

As leisure and travel content writers and creators, we do more

Our team of expert leisure and travel content writers understand that to be truly successful you need a holistic strategy, one that encompasses the right mix of elements drawn from a range of digital options.

To that end, Columbus Travel Media doesn’t just create leisure and travel content, it helps you create the experiences your customers need if they are to engage with your brand to the extent that you want them to. Our experienced team of content creators and digital marketing experts are available to assist you.

We understand that your goal is to increase your brand visibility, engage more visitors and convert them into revenue generating customers. Our goal is to dig deep to understand user intent and assist you match your online experience to match your audience’s expectations, so you can achieve that.

Leisure and Travel Content Writing for Over 30 years

Columbus Travel Media has been developing bespoke and highly engaging leisure and travel content for over 30 years, to a wide variety of clients, not just in the travel and leisure industry either. Clients with products or services that have a travel or leisure related purpose also use our services.

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